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Hatches & Toothed motor

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Air mixing unit with mix-hatches for inside/mix/outside air.

barn extension for the extraction of air to bulk dry and store bulbs seed medicinal plants potatoes garlic

Extension for extraction of air.

automatic hatches made of coated plywood for drying and storing of bulbs medical plants seed onions potatoes garlic

Hatches executed in plywood with coating.

practical situation with mixing hatch 2

Practical situation with mixing hatch.

info hatch position 79 open

Info hatch position: 79% open.

setup page hatches

Setup page hatches.

fan status off – stand by – on – alarmfailure

Status page hatches.

construction of wall for underground aeration

Toothed motor for opening hatches.

fan in pressure chamber

Detail of pinion and rack.

pressure wall made of plywood and horizontal beams

Detail of rack with window clamp.

bearing sheet for

Bearing sheet for ax.