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Drying on concrete slotted ventilation floor

Ventilation Floor

ventilation hall 1 e1568194342169

Filling hall with product on concrete slotted ventilation floor.

product in bulk e1568115267711
Product in bulk.
top view of storage room e1568115348828
Top view of storage room.
Top view of pressure chamber e1568115313809
Top view of pressure chamber with hatch control.
16 e1568809775273
Angular cut of slotted ventilation floor.
17 e1568809683934
Cross-cut of storage with slotted ventilation floor.
Cross section with air ducts under e1568114899115
Bulk storage on slotted ventilation floor.
construction of wall e1568196126238
Construction of wall for underground aeration.
Pressure room2 e1568115060424
Fan in pressure chamber.
air entrance.1

Air entrance under full-slatted floor.

bottom ... e1568196306544
Bottom of slotted ventilation floor with slots.
example of... e1568196322334
Example of slotted ventilation floor.

Product on slotted ventilation floor.

3d model.1

3D model of slotted ventilation floor element.

Retaining wall e1568115290317
Retaining wall.
Use of retaining wall e1568115371258
Use of retaining wall in practice.
Outside retaining wall e1568115014630
Outside retraining wall.