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ABC processor for Fluid bed drying


Drying installation with per section 4 boxes. For all boxes the same airconditioning (outside, dehydrated or recycled) and T°. Perfect when installation is quickely filled with 4 boxes at almost the same time.

Overview of a section with 4 boxes (left site). Indication of out coming air T° and AH. All boxes with same ingoing T° (1 radiator for hot water). 
Right part on top with 3x inlet of air; recycled air (left), dehydrated air (middle) and outside air (right). Indication of air conditions and % opening valve register.

Each phase a desired T°. The max. T° setting per section is leading. Setting per phase of desired minimum and maximum running time and past running time.

Per box opening roller shutter and settings per phase of desired AH and moist difference in-out (dA). Per phase desired airflow.


Optional drying per box individually with per box a radiator for hot water and per box in/outlet of recycled, dehydrated and outside air. Per box and per phase the desired air conditionings can be programmed and created.

Same settings as with the central radiator and air providing’s. Desired settings will be reached per box individually. Ideal when boxes are being placed with longer time interval (pellets).

Overview of positions of all valve register of this installation;

  • 7 section with combined airflow (1-7)
  • 1 section with per box desired airflow (8.1-8.4)


On Top: % outside air

2nd: % dehydrated air
Middle: Priority (see below)

4th: % recycled air 
Under: % air to outside.

Middle; Priority of dehydrated air; when a section or box needs directly dehydrated air, this box or section becomes directly dried air.