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Fluid drying in boxes

Drying installation for fluid drying of batches in special drying boxes. The installation consists of several drying sections for special boxes and a central hybrid air dryer.


The box will be placed into the drying section. Each box place is provided with a fan. Dry air will be pushed through every individual box to make the Medicinal & Aromatic Plants (MAP) fluid and to dry homogeneous.


The outlet for each box place has a T°+HR sensor to measure outcoming moist content. When this air is damp, it will be blown to the outside. When this air is dry, it will be recycled.


High-pressure fan with flow sensor for each box place.


Outlet with T°+HR sensor to control the process.


Box for wet MAP is provided with cover to avoid blowing out of the Medicinal & Aromatic Plants.


Wet Medicinal & Aromatic Plants, completely fluid.


MAP drying like little volcanos; fast but with care.


Loose seed spread over the pellets to illustrate the volcano’s.

As an option each box place will be provided with a hot water radiator. Per phase the desired T° can be programmed individually; drying can start with high temperature because of all the moisture to be dehydrated.
Process to be programmed and controlled by a control panel with touchscreen and ABC software.
fluiddrying10 1
LED-lamps per box place for direct indication of the phase (blue last phase, white drying is ready).