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ABC PC Program of ABC processor

Start screen ABC PC program; ABC Server

  • Description of icons: 
    abcpc2 Code for user level
    abcpc3 Open the ABC control screen on the PC. The screens and operation are equal to the LCD

    Open the log data:

    • Charts
    • LCD screen
    abcpc5 Open the screen to configure data
    abcpc6 Open the screen to record and call up ‘preset’ basic settings
    abcpc7 Open configuration page of SMS module
    abcpc8 Open page to configure connection between C-Box and PC (only user 3)
    abcpc9 Open page to configure en check log data and settings.
    abcpc10 Save current settings. The technician can restore current settings after maintenance or test.
    abcpc11 Configure time at which settings will be automatically saved daily. In case of malfunction, failure or replacement of the C-Box, all settings of before the last ‘Backup’ can be restored directly.



    Type of connection PC with C-Box

    Status of connection

    Rx moving bars




    Restore connection
Control Screen on PC
Control screen on PC with same layout as ABC touch screen.


  • Screen can be reduced to 33% and enlarged to 150%.
  • Status specification of connection with C-Box
  • Extra navigation screens;
  • Click on ‘Navigation +’ to open 2 navigation screens.
  • You can open the desired page directly from every navigation screen.
  • Now you can easily open and compare 2 screens of random cells.
Click in the frame ‘Tools’ (above) on the abcpc43 button to open the Log screen at the chosen time. The dotted line and abcpc18  display the chosen time. All historic measurement and control data of that time are now visible on the screen. The time of the log screen can be changed by activating the dotted line and moving it, using the right mouse button.

Click on the abcpc19 button in the left upper corner, to activate the measurement and control items of the screens and select them easily for the chart.

The ‘log screen’ is activated: abcpc21. All measurement and control items, as well as ‘status’ and ‘alarm’ etc. have a red frame. Click on the frame to display this value in the chart. In the overview ‘Items’ the matching color of the value is displayed. Every quantity (°C, %, gr, ppm, status etc) has its own vertical axis.

  • The axis will be displayed when a measurent value with the relevant quantity has been chosen.
  • Use ‘shift+left mouse button’ to move the axis over the screen.
  • Each axis can be individually scaled using the scroll wheel of the mouse.
  • Use the abcpc25 button to adjust all scales optimally to the various measurement values.
Control buttons for chart and LCD with log data.
abcpc24 Redraw All Chart will be supplemented with the latest log data
abcpc25 Fitt All All scales are adjusted for optimal display
abcpc26 LineOutAxis All axis are replaced to start position
abcpc27 Clear all items All chosen items will be cleared; empty screen.
abcpc28 Extra Axis sml For mentioned quantity an extra axis is placed
abcpc29 MinMaxAVG The minimum, maximum and average values will be displayed of the time zone as displayed on the screen.
abcpc30 Shift half time axes The log display shifts half a page forward in time.
abcpc32 Plus 2 day sml The log display shifts 2 days forward.
abcpc32 Plus 1 day sml The log display shifts 1 day forward.
abcpc33 Min 1 day sml The log display shifts 1 day backward.
abcpc33 Min 2 day sml The log display shifts 2 days backward.
abcpc35 Min half tax sml The log display shifts half a page backward in time.
abcpc36 Goto ddmm day sml Go directly to log data of this desired date.
abcpc37 1 day sml Log display on the screen of 1 day 0:00 to 23:59 hours
abcpc38 2 days sml Log display on the screen of 2 days
abcpc39 7 days sml Log display on the screen of 7 days
abcpc40 2 weeks sml Log display on the screen of 2 weeks
abcpc41 4 weeks sml Log display on the screen of 4 weeks
abcpc42 Fit X days Display is adjusted to full days (0:00-23:59)
abcpc43 LCD sml Display of LCD on selected moment. All measurement and control values of that moment are visible
abcpc44 LCD sml play From the selected moment the LCD screen will shift automatically forward in time; measurement and control values will form a sequence. Changes in valve position, fans, colors, etc. are clearly visible on the LCD.
abcpc45 Log start from today Display of the log starting today.
abcpc46 Log start from half year ago Display log of half a year
abcpc47 Log start from one year ago Display log of a year
abcpc48 Print sml Print log data of displayed screen
abcpc49 Print setup sml Choose printer
abcpc50 Export to Excel Selected data is opened in Excel and can be saved as an Excel file. (see next: ‘Procedure to open log data in Excel‘)
Procedure to open log data in Excel

Click the abcpc50 1 button to open the following screen:


Procedure to open log data in Excel:

  • Choose the desired items from the selected items to export to Excel.
  • Choose the timeframe: ‘From date’ to ‘To date’
  • Choose the interval related to the size of the file (measurement per minute)
Choose the calculated value within the interval: Average, minimum, maximum

OK: Chosen measurement points are made visible with the configured interval in an Excel file