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Automatisation of existing drying installations for seed and grain

Optimize drying installations to dry seeds economically with the ABC drying processor of Agratechniek.

Automatically drying is the basic principle of every control unit which Agratechniek installed Measuring and modulated controlled steering is a must by automatism a drying installations. The modification costs would be recovered by more economical drying with a better result.
Upgrading of installations:

  • Modulated heating system.
  • Modulated air flow capacity
  • Measuring and controling air flow
  • Modulated air valves incase of more separated drying sections
  • Sensor by incoming air flow
  • Sensor by outgoing air flow
  • Optimal integration of air dryers (dehumidifiers)
  • One control unit can control more than one installation.
  • Monitoring and Log by ABC PC-software
Basic principle to dry with the ABC processor:

  • Seeds would be dried to the required moisture content.
  • Savings on costs and time; only drying with the right climate conditions.
  • Constant or dynamic air temperature / depends on drying process and installation
  • Dynamic airflow by drying different products, volumes and drying phases
  • Measuring of T° and RH, define Absolute Moisture (AM).
  • Read out measuring and parameter settings on a control screen and PC. All parameters are logged.
  • Drying process is visual by means of graphics. Overview in Excel.
Example of drying process in containers. Airflow would be automatically controlled and on the amount of containers
A modulated motor controlled valve would be installed in front of the air opening.
A mixing valve would be installed to connect the warm and cold air channel By this principle the air drying temperature can be controlled.

A modulated air valve would be installed in front of the incoming air opening. Drying will stop if the seeds are dry. Airflow would be automatically regulated on the amount of drying boxes.

The required drying conditions ( T° and RH) which compare with the equilibrium moisture of the seeds can be programmed per drying section. The airflow through the seeds is dynamic; In the beginning of the process a lot moist would be evacuated with much air. The remain moist shall be removed at the end of the process with less air. The total amount of air of all sections would be automatically adapt to number of active sections and the drying phase of the different sections.

  • Safe and sensible drying process
  • Process control and ‘traceability’
  • Savings on energy costs
  • Quick and efficiënt drying
Sensor in the outgoing airflow of a drying box. Measuring T° and RH per section. (box, tray, container)

Example of upgrading an existing drying installation with boxes. The boxes with seeds can be dried individually to the required moisture content. By this principle treated seeds can be dried rapidly and continues in different phases.

Existing installation for drying treated seed in boxes in 10 sections/lines
New air duct on plenum to distribute dried air per section
Air duct connected to new adsorption air drier
Touch screen with ABC software to control distribution of dried air over 10 drying sections.


Per section a valve register to let dried air into the section that requires dried air.


The adsorption drier is also controlled by the ABC software to reach desired moist content and airflow.


Optimal drying at different drying section with 1 dehydration installation.

Dehydrated air is not always necessary. Mostly only in the end phase optimal (dry) air is needed to reach the desired most content of the seed. With a central air duct, valve registers and the ABC processor you can dry different sections at the same time. When needed outside (or inside) air will be mixed with dehydrated air to reach the desired ingoing.

Example of distribution from dehydrated air over 10 drying sections.

  • Per section a valve for automatically controlling the inlet of the amount of dehydrated to reach the desired ingoing Absolute Moist content of the process air.
  • Controlling for automatically having dehydrated air at section where it is needed. o Normally only in the end phase to reach the final moist content of the seed.
  • Manual controlling of desired section with dehydrated air.