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Mobile aeration drying

It is desirable to aerate and dry seed and pellets quickly. Therefore, small amounts can be collected in the bins and can be brought quickly to the drying installation. Agratechniek offers the possibility to ventilate immediately and dry thereafter, either with or without dried air; A drying installation with mobile aerating bins.

Together with these mobile aerating bins suits a drying installation which brings the product, through drying it with heated and if required also dried air, automatically to the desired moisture content.

mobile aeration seed drying01

Overview of the drying installation with mobile aerating bins and a central air-dryer.

The aerating bins can be delivered in various dimensions. Depending on the use, the bottom of the bin will either be foreseen of a perforated plate or an open grill. Regardless of the use will the bottom of the bins be foreseen with a stainless steel fine mesh. When preferred, the bin can be closed with a ventilated cover.


mobile aeration seed drying02
mobile aeration seed drying03
mobile aeration seed drying04

Bin 1500×1200 mm

Bin 1000x1000mm

Bin 500x500mm

Some examples of the aerating bins in various dimensions. It is possible to make other dimensions

mobile aeration seed drying05

The aerating bin is brought to a drying installation and placed under the hood.

mobile aeration seed drying06
mobile aeration seed drying07

An aerating bin is foreseen from either one or two fans.

When finished drying, the bin can easily be cleared.

Every aerating bin is foreseen of a small high pressure fan. This fan has got the possibility to either have a manual controlling or an automatic controlling.;

  • To aerate immediately, the aerating bin can be attached to the electric current (230V). The amount of air can be adjusted by a turn button 0-100%.
  • After that, the aerating bin can be attached to the drying installation. The voltage supply and the controlling will take place by the central switchboard, together with the ABC drying processor. The product will be dried automatically.
mobile aeration seed drying08
mobile aeration seed drying09

The air will be blown from below the product. At the bottom of the bin, the air will be sucked in through an opening at the back of the bin.

Image on the right: The hood has got a window for inspection. This window can be opened if required

This opening at the back of the aerating bin is connected to the air outlet of the drying installation. This outlet is foreseen of a heater. The process air will be brought to the desired temperature in this heater.

Through channels and slides, fresh air and/or dried air will be sucked in automatically. Through the hood, moist air will be drained. Dry air can be recycled and used again.