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Axial fans.

number of fan blades e1568204535847

Axial fans.

fan with grill 1 e1568204093952

“Klima” fan with grill guard.

walking grits e1568204513741

Walking grits on top of fans.

number of fan blades e1568204535847

Number of fan blades variable.

05 2 e1568204866696

Number of blades depending on back pressure.


Beside blades, diameter is also important for air and pressure.

ventilator%20for%20agricultural%20produce%2004 2

More blades (up to 10) for higher backpressure.


Plan of cel with fans on 80% capacity.


Fans setup page.


Fan status: off – stand-by – on – alarm/failure.

anti backflow 1 e1568206303982

Anti-backflow valves for fans.

example one open 1 e1568206315421

Example one open and one closed.

valves in equilibrium 1 e1568206330365

Valves in equilibrium.

valves open 1 e1568206344208

Valves open at start of fan.

10 1

Vertical air circulation.

horizontal air circulation

Horizontal air circulation.

12 1
Easy to move.
13 1
Intensive circulation along bags and through bins and crates.