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Inverter for octabins (Medical & Aromatic plants)


The octabins have been used for different products for decades. Also possible for Medicinal & Aromatic Plants Emptying these octabins can occur in many ways: one of them is by using a special inverter with dosing bunker (see folder ‘Inverters for boxes and octabins’). Another way is using an inverter with a constructed funnel. The octabin can be emptied easily and fast in, for example, a box, supply belt/elevator or a dosing bunker. The funnel can beequipped with a shut-off valve. Naturally the inverter can be adjusted to the dimensions of your octabins.

The octabin with pallet is placed in the inverter.

The funnel is lifted to have enough space to place the octabin.

The octabin is lifted to be able to turn it over. The funnel encloses the octabin perfectly.


From box to hopper containers. From octabin to box with automatic closure and dust extraction.

Cylinders ensure that the octabin will turn over. The funnel outlet reaches the box, elevator or bunker. 

Other solutions are also possible. We are happy to discuss your own wishes and ideas with you. 

The inverters are equipped with standard safety precautions (not displayed).