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Mobile drum dryer

The mobile drum dryers are portable when using wheels or a forklift. The dryers are made for 2-4-6 or 8 drums.
Every drum position is equipped with its own fan. Therefore the air quantity can be adjusted per drum.
The temperature can be configurated individually per rows of 2 drums.
In this version the air enter the drying space through the drums. The drum dryer can be equipped with a closed cap, so the air from the drums can be discharged.
Above you see a version in which the air is suctioned from the space. There is also an inlet (bottom left), which can be connected to a central dry-air installation.

At the right a mobile drum dryer with an external air connection.

Below you see mobile drum dryers connected to the supply pipe containing dried air from the central air dryer.

D: Dryer with outside air suction.

E: Dryer with space air suction.

G: Central supply pipe for dried air

H: Dried air supply to the dryer

I: Supply of outside air

Thanks to the central air dryer installation, you will have a highly flexible drying process and you can utilize the dried air economically; the drying process begins with heated up air. Only when dried air is necessary during the phase of the installation, it will be supplied.