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Individual box dryer

individual box dryer

Drying each box individually to the desired moisture content of the Medicinal & Aromatic Plants (MAP).

individual box dryer2

Example installation without boxes

individual box dryer3

Installation partly filled with boxes 

individual box dryer4

Boxes placed in scaffolding in front of drying installation. Box can be placed or taken one’s ready.

individual box dryer5

Extracted air heated and or dehydrated passes through each box individually.


Drying of an individually box starts when placed in scaffolding and stops automatically when the MAP are dry.

individual box dryer7

Measuring air out of MAP per box to control.

individual box dryer8

LED-lamps for indication status of drying.


Example individual box drying with dehumidified air.

A. Box with MAP
B. Inlet pallet
C. High pressure fan per box
D. Radiator heater with warm water



Extra option: temperature per box individually

E. Valve for inlet outside air
F. Air-duct and hatch for inlet dehumidified air
G. Valve for inlet inside air (recycling).


The box is being placed, the fan will start automatically. The fan will speed up till the desired airflow as set for this box has been reached. The drying starts by extracting outside air. When MAP starts to dry and outside air is not dry enough, dehumidified air will automatically mix with the outside air till the desired AH as programmed. When air out of the Medicinal & Aromatic Plants becomes dryer than outside air, automatically dry inside air will be returned.

The drying will continue till the air out of the MAP has reached the AH as goes with the equilibrium moist content of the Medicinal & Aromatic Plants. At that moment, the slide will slowly close. When closed the Medicinal & Aromatic Plants in this box are dry.