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Drying of MAP in bulk with air ducts

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Drying (and storage) of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants with semi round airducts. The semi round airducts are practical for being used in and existing building or when the building has multiple use. The dry air is distributed by airduct on the floor under the product.

Example of a practical and easy way for filling hall with Medicinal & Aromatic Plants on semi round air ducts. This system is easy to install in existing buildings. Little modification will be needed. . The height of the product is depending on the product and the desired rotation. It can be from 60-80 cm to 4 mtr.

Angular cross-cut of semi-round air ducts and technical room.

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Alongside cross-cut of the Medicinal & Aromatic Plants in bulk, semi-round air ducts and technical room. Air is extracted from outside and heated. The air is forced by high pressure fans through the product to absorb moisture. Damp air will be evacuated to the outside. The drying will continue until the equilibrium moisture with the outside air has been achieved. The MAP will be regularly being re-ventilated when outside air is dry enough to evacuate the final moisture and lower the moisture content of the MAP.

When the drying room is provided with an air-drying installation by condensation or a central hybrid air dryer, a second drying will automatically start after the pre-drying. With the dried air, the MAP will quickly be being dried to the desired low level. This will be being achieved with only inside air.

The ABC processor will control the drying process automatically.

Cross section with air semi round ducts under the MAP. Ventilation with dry air from the airducts through the product.

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